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Complete Testing & Tagging Solutions

According to the Electrical Safety Office QLD, “Specified electrical equipment and safety switches need to be tested at intervals according to their class of work. For construction work this information is in AS/NZS 3012 Electrical installations – Construction and demolition sites.


For manufacturing, service, office, amusement and rural industry work, the information is in the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.”


All employers have a legal obligation to ensure that the workplace and the plant at the workplace is safe and without risks to their employees and visitors health. This means identifying whether there are any hazards associated with electrical equipment, assessing the associated risks and taking measures to eliminate or control those risks.


Through our experience in rural areas, Clemments Electrical Pty Ltd have recognised that businesses in remote locations are often not kept up to date with legislation, may not have access to a dedicated Testing and Tagging representative and the expenses of having an electrician to perform this process is costly.


For this reason, we have appointed a dedicated Testing and Tagging Manager to ensure that your business complies with testing and tagging procedures and that you are informed when your equipment is due for testing.


And because our Testing & Tagging Manager is certified and is backed by a qualified electrician, we can offer an affordable rate, with the knowledge that any faulty equipment can be taken out of service, repaired and returned quickly and efficiently.