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Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Clemments Electrical Pty Ltd are stockists for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry range of split system reverse cycle air conditioners.


We have found that in rural areas, the MHIA brand seems to be the most reliable and resistant to creepy crawlies.


With our restricted refrigeration licences and refrigerant handling licence, we are able to safely remove you old air conditioner, ensuring harmful gases are not released into the air.  We can install any split system up to 18kW.


Please ask us about other refrigeration and air conditioning needs as we work closely with a fully qualified refrigeration mechanic and may be able to organise this service for you.


Air Conditioning Servicing and Cleaning


Our team can supply you with a full service and clean of your existing air conditioners allowing them to work at full efficiency.  Many times, we have been called out to attend to an air conditioner not working, only to find that it requires a full clean and service.


Particularly in rural, dusty and/or humid, your air conditioner requires regular cleaning.  Some of this is simple to do yourself, for example, removing the filters from the internal unit every month and cleaning them as per your manufacturer’s instructions.


Our clean involves removing all the covers from the internal unit, spraying it with antibacterial cleaner and using pressurised water to clean the internal condenser unit, covers, filters and drain pipe.  We also check the external unit for any presence of frogs, mice or other crawlies that could damage the circuit boards in your unit – meaning costly repairs.


We recommend a thorough clean and service at least once every 6 months and are happy to quote on a plan for regular air conditioner maintenance.