Clemments Electical | About us
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Welcome to Clemments Electrical Pty Ltd,

the Travelling Electrician

Clemments Electrical Pty Ltd has over 30 years’ experience and knowledge in a wide variety of electrical applications enabling us to respond to the needs of our customers.


  • specialise in rural and remote applications and advice
  • have personal and professional rural experience
  • have a deep understanding of issues faced by rural, remote clients and their power supplies
  • pride ourselves on prompt, ethical and personal service


True to our bi-line, we love to travel! Our ability to travel means that we are happy to discuss any job even if it is not in our immediate operating area.  Currently we are licensed to operate in Queensland and Northern Territory.


Electrical Contractor Licence  #76804

Refrigerant Handling Licence #L088286

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation #AU34127

Electrical Contractor Licence QLD # 76804  (addition of QLD)

Electrical Contractor Licence NT # C3378

Licensed Open Master Cablers Registered with ACRS



Gulf of Carpentaria Qld/NT- Burke Shire, Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire, Carpentaria Shire

Central Queensland Coast – Rosedale, Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Lowmead, Euleilah, Berajonda, Mullett Creek, Miara, Yandaran, Avondale, Moore Park Beach

Annie Backhaus – Managing Director – Qualified Business Person Ph: 0400 737 666


Annie has vast business experience, including sales, marketing and the running of a small business. She has worked alongside Mark as a Trade Assistant since 2009 and continues to do when she can while also operating the administration side of Clemments Electrical Pty Ltd.

She holds her Test & Tag Certificate, BSBSMB401A Certificate (legal and risk management for small business, electrical) amongst other various certificates and diplomas.

Mark Clemments – Managing Director Qualified Technical Person Ph: 0427 565 755


Mark has held an electrical mechanic / electrical fitter licence continuously since 1984. He completed his apprenticeship with Mt Isa Mines, QLD, and continued on with them as an electrical mechanic/fitter for 10 years. He has since held a continuous electrical contractor licence in QLD and held an electrical contractor licence for the Northern Territory in 2011 whilst travelling throughout the NT.

Mark was raised on a rural cattle property and has lived in a rural situation for most of his life, allowing him to understand the issues rural people face with their power supplies and offer practical solutions. Mark has a practical, ethical and ‘no nonsense’ approach to his work.

Jesse Clemments – Managing Director Gulf of Carpentaria OperationsPh: 0499 277 275


Jesse completed his electrical apprenticeship in 2017 in record time and with outstanding results. It’s no wonder – he learned from the best and has been helping his father all his life, during school holidays and now full time as the manager for our Gulf of Carpentaria operations.

Jesse brings the freshness of newly learned skills and technologies melded wonderfully with the level- headedness and experience of someone who has lived for most of his life in the remote Gulf and understands the issues that rural people face.